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My 33 years in the practice of law have been devoted entirely to living trusts, wills and basic estate planning. I have wonderful clients of both modest and more substantial means. “Middle America” would describe those I serve best: hard working, family loving  people who do not want a marginal or mediocre treatment given to the important matter of preserving and protecting what they’ve worked hard to accumulate for those they love.

My clients appreciate my relational approach, reasonable fees and commitment to remain on the journey with them and their family members. My work on estate planning has been featured in FORTUNE and MEDICAL ECONOMICS magazines.

From my years of working in this field, I find  individuals want more than a cookie-cutter mediocrity that won’t serve well in real life stresses. Most lawyers talk only about probate, taxes and leaving the estate to children. My clients come to realize that’s too shortsighted. They appreciate trusts designed to outlast their spouses and children and survive divorces, lawsuits, creditor problems and even bankruptcies; their loved ones will be able to rebuild their lives because Mom and Dad were thinking so far ahead.

It’s my goal to empower my clients to protect their assets 40, 50, 60 or more years after they are gone. If you are going to spend valuable time and money on a trust you want  peace of mind. I would be honored to deliver that kind of outcome to you.

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